Established in 1998 by artists Wolf Kahn (1927–2020) and Emily Mason (1932—2019), the Kahn | Mason Foundation has consistently supported cultural organizations through grants for exhibitions, artist residencies, and community engagement with the arts. The joint expression of their philanthropy will continue as the Foundation expands its mission to serve as the steward of Kahn’s artistic legacy. The newly formed Emily Mason | Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation will spearhead the stewardship of Emily Mason’s artistic legacy alongside that of her mother’s, Alice Trumbull Mason (1904—1971) and embark on a philanthropic program dedicated to advancing opportunities for traditionally underrepresented artists. Together, these two Foundations preserve the vision of three artists—in one family—through exhibitions, publications, research, archives, and philanthropy.

Who We Are

The Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors, who are dedicated to furthering the present and future legacy of their founders’ mission.

Mara Williams, Chair, Brattleboro, VT
David Kapp, Treasurer, Friendship, ME
Dean Nicyper, Secretary, Pine Plains, NY
Kim Benzel, Brattleboro, VT
Cecily Kahn, Friendship, ME
Melany Kahn, W. Chesterfield, NH
Bo Foard, W. Chesterfield, NH